Rolling Thunder 2011

Discussion in 'Events' started by bigcletus, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I am a member of Veterans Canada,( VETERANS UN-NATO CANADA ) a group of old military guys who like to ride. We are planning on riding down to DC this May to join our US brothers and sisters as they remember the fallen. A few of our guys went last year and had a grand old time. This year, the Rolling Thunder Organization has formally invited us so I expect upwards of 200 or so riders making the trip. For all of you who also attend RT, I hope to cross paths with you there. From where I am, its 18 hours point A to B, so we'll take 2-3 days each way. No need on rushing when we can make a vacation out of it.

    Hope yo see "y'all" there, eh (lol)
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    Not a Vet myself, but appreciate that show of support by the RTO to give you fellas an invite. I didn't realize the history betweenst our country and yours over the years, but seems fitting for that show of support between countries. I did a ride to Gettysburg a few years back around the same time as that event was to happen in DC. Saw bikes everywhere as we were making our way back east. The thunder was definitely rolling in.
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    I plan to attend this year for the first time. I've deployed twice to Iraq and a group of Army buddies plan to head down in a group.....15 bikes so far. Should be about 10 hour trip and we will try to make it in one day. Hope to see you there.......a shot in the dark considering the number of bikes staging at the pentagon but we'll see!
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    Might want to contact a state chapter (New York, PA etc.) and ride in with them. Many have a big convoy with police escort.
    Rode in last year with Florida, Georgia, and Carolina group. (They came up I-81).
    Big help as you get closer to DC as the police will block traffic to get you downtown.
    Thanks for your support. You will have a great ride.
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    Just a word for those who go to Rolling Thunder. when you get into the pentagon parking area you will be shown where to park,,(easy) and then sit , walk, have water it gets hot and humid most times. till 12 pm..when ride starts...Now this is important as a safety issue,,there will be a few hundred THOUSAND bikes there, when they leave the parking lot, they go 6 abreast out of parking lot, many people are trying to stay with there buddies...many are not good at riding in a crowd, especially like this, so i suggest if you are with someone, that you make plans to meet somewhere after the ride around constitution ave to the memorial end site. then you can ride your own pace safely, and then park and meet you buds at the pre-determined spot..Usually LINCOLN memorial steps.. hope that helps. be careful ride safe.. later...ryd...
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    I am thinking about going, but I need some people to ride with. I will be staying in the fredericksburg, VA area.