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Roller Chain Conversion


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Here's the Andrews roller chain upgrade for the engines that now run the problematic cam chain tensioners. It replaces the old style tensioners with the hydraulic chain tensioner used in the newer 96 TC engines.
This conversion eliminates the cam chain tensioners that wear away and disintegrate with the final result in damaging the engine.
The cams come from Andrews for now and the rest from the HD dealer. They should be able to give you a price for parts.
Wouldn't it be a wise choice to go with gear drive cams at this time?

Gear drives will not be as popular as the roller chain conversion when you take into consideration the excessive run out on the shafts in some of the motors. Excessive run out makes for some noisy gear drives and since the start of the new chain tensioner here. it just about eliminates the older cam tensioner problems.
Doesn't the roller chain also have a nylon block as part of the tensioner assembly? Have they had any issues with it?
Yes, it has a nylon block as opposed the composition blocks on the older ones but look at the size of it compared to the older tensioners. Also it is oil pressure driven against the chain where the older chain tensioners were spring loaded, possibly the downfall of that system.

Also notice the contact point and how it rides against the chain too compared to the older ones.
Not to mention that in the new roller chain set-up the link plates have been "smoothed", so they don't eat up the guides.

Also, I have a friend here in the Memphis area who put 100,000 mi on his '03 Deuce before having the original cam chain, guides and tentioners replaced. Replaced with the same. He now has 174,000 mi and thats all he done to the bike and its still running strong.
(Billy Hettle owner, Bumpus H-D of Memphis servicer)
I have done the roller chain conversion and all is well. My total cost including a 2009 manuel inner bearing puller, bearing installer, cam and crank locking tool and S/E adj P/R, all shims and gasket and torrington inner bearings, oil pump and cam support plate, tensioners and chains, cam shafts, B lifters was about $1250. The manuel and the tools were about $300.

If anyone wants more information feel free to send me a PM
I had the gear drive, new cams, adj push rods, and bearings done in '06. The gear drive is louder, but I expected that and have no problems with it. My reason for change was discovering significant wear on the tensioners. I would say one was right at the failure point. This was after the dealer said there really was not an issue with the tensioners until 30k miles or so. I believe I had 16k miles on the bike when the wear was discovered.