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  1. Mavagrand

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    12's my brother's, he and I rode to a local restaurant today and switched rides. He on my FLHTC and me on his GW. Its the same year as my scoot (08), has 10k more miles than mine, he just got back from a 3500 mile round trip to Nigara Falls and back,. I've ridden it before and its a nice machine. He says its comfortable but, to me, the riding position is cramped. I had to sit closer to his tank then on my bike and that big honking engine requires I spread my legs way too wide in order to stretch out. It definatley doesn't handle as well as my bike at slow speeds, almost dropped it making a u turn.

    Anyway, while riding along beside him I kept staring at my bike. I gotta say ....she sure is purdy!! I've installed the removable tour pack rack and had the tour pack off. I also have a street glide seat and shocks on the bike. She was looking low and mean, all dressed in black and, with the Stage 1 kit and SE pipes, growling at the world. I mentioned to my brother that he looked good sitting on a Harley. He just looked at me..who knows....,

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    ANY ride is good.....but it sure makes you appreciate your OWN ride eh??

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    My first good highway bike was a Goldwing. Bought it in 1976.
    Bought a trailer to tow, packed it up and my wife and I toured all over the west half of the country with it. We absolutely loved that bike. It was quiet, fast and comfortable.
    Then we had kids and I went back to school. Oh well.
    Now I am much older, a little slower, a bit more money and I love my Harley.
    Both are great bikes. My tastes have changed and the sound of the exhaust is music to my ears.
    I have fond memories of the Goldwing and now I am making more memories with my Harley.
  4. Webbtron

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    Was it Yellow? I remember a lot of yellow Goldwings about that time.
  5. oldhippie

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    The G'wings are a nice bike but, like you, I found the engine to be a pain in the knees to wrap my legs around and the seating position resulted in my knees cramping. That was my biggest problem with my '83 and the new ones weren't any better. The newer models have gobs of power but just not that comfortable a riding position for me.

    I often wonder what my bike sounds like to ride next to but I'm not really in that big a hurry to let someone else ride my bike.:D
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    I rode a GW once...stalled the engine twice. In a group with other HD riders I couldn't hear the engine at all! It's a nice bike, (the one I rode was an '08) with all the gizmos and gadgets on board, but I'll take my Harley (any Harley) any day of the week. I guess I'm spoiled! :D
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    My brother in law cut a deer down the beginning of june last year and totalled his Golwing.I got him to look at a new Harley,but in the end he bought a new Goldwing.He is as much of a long distance rider as anyone I have met and he finds the wing to be the most comfortable long distance bike out there.
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    I tried 2 goldwings a 1500 and an 1800 over a two year period, both were comfortable and both had their problems, charging coolant leaks etc. They both lacked soul, as far as power Harley can match it and beat, Harley is a bit more comphy because of the riding position. When customizing not much to do with the goldwing they are all the same just not much there for personalizing. I've always had a Harley and will always try other brands but nothing beat's HD.
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    Mods - ban him now!!!

    JK - GW's are nice rides, but little to "spaceshipish" for me. At least you got to see your bike from a different riding angle.
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    If I could hold one up I would like to try one:s