Rocky Mountian trip

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    Planing a June trip to Colorado, want to do Pikes Peak and several 10,000 ft. passes. The last time we were in higher elevetions my electraglide could not get over 30mph even with the throttle wide open in any gear going up the mountians.
    I have a PCIII, SE AC, true duals w/touring mufflers.
    Want to do better and be able to keep up with other riders.
  2. Webbtron

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    Is this the same set-up as you had on the last trip? A friend had a similar problem but he was using ths Screaming Eagle tuner.
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    Except for the mufflers, yes.
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    This is on a 2006 Electra Glide? With stock factory mufflers? What kind of fuel mileage are you normally getting at home altitude? All I can think of is the PCIII is dumping too much fuel, and you are oxygen starved at high alt. If you are getting around 40 mpg, I doubt my thought is valid.
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    I have an '07 Ultra (FI) and I took it on a ride from Iowa to the California coast.

    I've gone through the same route with three different 4-wheelers (all FI) and found myself in the slow lane everytime.

    Wondering how things would be with the '07 Ultra, it flew through all the mountains and never a hitch. I was through all the mountains and into the flat of the desert without any slow down.

    Engine is stock 96. I have both the SE Exhaust and SE Mufflers, using a Power Commander with the recommended download for SE exhaust/AC.
    That's it.

    Ready for another ride.

    That riding in the slow lane is so embarrassing.
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    hope ya got that bike running by now.

    got my 04 ultra all ready, true duals, big sucker air cleaner, fuel tuner and V&H slip ons.. new tires, new brake pads and all three holes changed out. doesn't miss a beat.

    my better half and I were out there last yr, co. wyo. mont. sd and had no problems any where, 8k miles. 2 mo. riding.

    were planning on leaving sc, 1st part of june and head to laconia, from there were going to co. and work our way up thru british Columbia, 3 full months of the road..
    looking forward to some nice weather and a lot of miles, hopefully..