Rocker Noise after Upgrade

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by crow, Jun 15, 2010.

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    I did the HERKO conversion kit and installed Andrews 21N’s. Bike runs great but I do have Rocker Box noise I did not have before the conversion. I removed the rockers and kept the stock pushrods during the conversion. The bike is completely quite at idle but gets noisier as the RPM’s climb. I am using Mobil 1 15W-50 and have been since 7,000 miles on the bike. Now has 24000miles put cams in at 23000miles. Is this Rocker Noise due to the cams I installed? Would adding LUCAS stabilizer really work as I have seen posted in other threads and forums? The noise is not completely unbearable but louder than before the conversion.
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    I installed an S&S 502 cam in a Evo at 9000 miles. It then had rocker box noise. I contacted S&S and told them of the problem. They told me the solution to the noise was stiffer valve springs and gave me the part #'s I needed but also said if I could tolerate the noise it would be O.K. The noise is tolerable but at the time I thought something may have been wrong that could give me trouble. To make the story short, I run Amsoil 20W50 (always have) and now have 41000 miles on this engine. That is 32000 miles of this very tolerable noise. NO PROBLEMS! I know you are talking about a twin cam engine but this may give you some relieve about future issues.
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    Hobbit, is clearance an issue here also?
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    Yep, Thats it too much lift in the valve train, maybe stiffer springs and a cit of clearance so they dont hit the boxes
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    I would not think that those cams are going to cause the rockers to tick against the rocker boxes. You have to have some pretty good lift to cause that. The stiffer springs might work but the 21 cams are mild and when I did a set of 21's for Sanec and 26's for me there was no problems. I would call Andrews and talk to their tech for some good information.