Roadside, what do I need?

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    Can someone enlighten me on the roadside assistance that comes with the HD warranty? HOG? My question is, do I need another such as AAA in addition, or is HOG sufficient. Also, once the regular warranty expires, I understand the HOG is void, even though you may have an extended warranty program. If this is the case, what is the very best? I keep hearing AAA recreational is highly recommended. Steve07 has it so it has to be good! LOL!. Just trying to be clear so I can make the right decision prior to our annual road trip. I have an 09 so I presume there is a two year, but is it sufficient on its own? I am a HOG memeber by the way. Can anyone clear the water? :D
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    This will give you some information on the HOG roadside assistance and what is in it.

    HOG | Road America
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    I've had 2 bad experiences with AAA towing, so I won't use them anymore. 1st time waited 2 1/2 hours for a tow. 2nd time waited almost 4 hours for a tow. Maybe the service is better when you get away from a major metropolitan area. You may want to check with your insurance company for a towing package.

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    I recently had to have AAA towing pick up my bike in King City, 100 deg weather, they were there inside of 1 hour...BUT come to find out you MUST have the motorcycle listed as SPECIFICALLY covered for Roadside Assistance or they will not pay (fortunately I was covered under State Farm Insurance), so read carefully any insurance documents to be sure.
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    The CAA/AAA R.V. plus coverage covers all recreational vehicles,which is the category a motorcycle falls into,and they have overnight expense coverage