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    Was reading the different threads about what tools should be carried when riding and other emergencies that can occur while on the road, so thought I'd ask if there is a good motorcycle roadside service company that could be called when these things happen while on road trips? Thanks again for your time.

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    Jick Scott, welcome to HDTimeline...Road side assistance for a motorcycle regarding promptness and coverage is rather spotty. Usually the HD dealer may have local support independents they may refer you to...of course you may have AAA or your insurance carrier for your bike that may also refer you to ones they have used.

    For those who have a new ride...Harley Owners Group (HOG) offers this service to their members and may provide a local list...but again as stated earlier, regarding the quality and availablility in your area for this service, local "seasoned" riders you know, are probably the best source of information or endorsement.
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    You did not identify your bike, so there are a couple of considerations:

    1. Any bike around town - carry your cel phone so you can call someone to come and drag the bike home or to the shop.

    2. Any bike on a road trip - carry the HD Factory Service Manual and boxed set of tools that has basic sockets english & metric, screw driver handle with bits (add a Torx #27), pliers, wire cutter, plug socket at least (some comb. wrenches would be handy too).

    2.a. Bikes with computer bus on road trip - copy of the trouble codes and hardcopy of Glider's procedures for accessing and reading trouble codes plus #2. above.

    2.b. Older bikes without comp. bus on road trip - #2. plus lucky penny or rabbits foot and lots of quarters. :s

    All kidding aside, check this out:

    Tool Kits - Harley Davidson Community

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