Road Zepplin Versus Air Hawk

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by thermopsummit, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. thermopsummit

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    After a hard fast ride the other day of 350 miles i found out my stock seat was just not going to cut it on long trips, starting out 1st 150 miles were fine stopped fueled up then back on the road, by the 2nd 150 miles i was in agony, after that fuel stop i was looking for someplace to oil up my back as i just couldn't ride much, so I'm looking to replace the seat on my road king classic or try one of those air hawk cushions, I've seen a lot of good comments on the road zeppelin seat any comments suggestions? oh its a 08 road king classic typical my trips were just 150 miles one way they will now extend to 1000 miles one way.
  2. Jennmarr

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    I don't have any experience with either of the options you mentioned, nor have I ever ridden 1000 miles in a day. However, I have done many 500+ mile days on a Mustang seat. I currently ride an '07 Ultra and am very happy with the Mustang seat.
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    I have a 2011 RKC with the Zeppelin seat. Not having any experience with the air hawk I can't compare the two, but the cost of the Zeppelin was some of the best money I ever spent on the bike. I'll do 300 plus miles in a day. It's BIG and a bit kinda goofy looking, but comfort wins every time over looks (at my age) especially after a 10+ hour day in the saddle.
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    I have used the AirHawk for a few years now with great results. One big advantage is that you can adjust the air pressure during your ride and change the feel of the cushion. Or you can take it off for a few miles to change the feel. I don't even strap it down and it stays put, plus I can just throw it in the saddle bag at a rest stop. And it costs a lot less than a new seat. And if you change bikes it goes with you, no need to buy a new seat on your new bike. Just my opinion, I haven't tried the other cushion.....
  5. Lancer

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    I have a Mustang seat on my Ultra, it's good for a couple hundred miles. More than that I put the Air Hawk on it, good for a couple hundred more. Had to buy another Air Hawk, my wife took the first one for her bike!
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    I also have a Mustang seat for my '07 Ultra and my '02 Sportster.
    Makes riding enjoyable. Took the Ultra to the west coast and never thought about my butt. I've gone 500 miles in a day on the Sportster. Same thing, rides nice.

    I did try sitting on an Air Hawk. First thing I noticed was it changed my line of sight.
    Mirrors would need adjusting and I sat too high for the windshield. My head would be too much in the wind.
    Gave up on the Air Hawk idea.
  7. thermopsummit

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    I doubt ill be riding 1000 miles in a day either, but they are 1000 mile trips, and id like to make a 600 mile leg giving me 400 the next day, sounds like the guys with mustang seats really like them. Talked to a dealer today, he suggested a seat with a backrest or buying the harley adjustable for my seat, as when you 1st start riding your posture is good as you get tired, you tend to slump which hurts your back, what he said anyway, sounds like a mustang seat with the built in backrest might be the ticket, possible a air hawk pad in the saddlebag. Thanks everyone input much appreciated, which mustangs does anyone recommend, looks like there is quite a selection
  8. This is just my opinion. While Mustang makes a very good all around seat, I'm not sure it's going to do all you need it to do. While you'll many times see miles in a day distances thrown around, my experience is 500 miles equals 10 hours by the time you throw in two fuel stops and a 30 minute meal break. Traffic and weather may well make it more. 600 mile will be closer to 12+ hours.
    If you're going looking for long haul comfort on days like those nothing will beat the Road Zeppelin with the HD adjustable backrest.
    The problem with the Road Zeppelin is you have haul that big honking seat around on all your everyday short trips as well. But it will always be comfortable.
  9. fin_676

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    I have from time to time done some longer days on my bike I do however try to limit my day to 250 miles however 350 or 400 often occur by trial and error I have found what works for me and that is a mustang seat and I need to wear a kidney belt or the tail bone gets very sore

  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    Before you spend ANY money on anything else, I would invest in an adjustable backrest. Having something to lean back against makes all the difference in the world on long days. Also highway pegs. The more you can change riding position during a ride, even if only a little bit, the better off you'll be.