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Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by stradwg, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. stradwg

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    has anyone rode blueridge parkway,deals gap? if so how is it.
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    We did the Geat Smokey Park outside of Gatlinburg and the Blue Ridge Parkway in 2005 while on a cross country trip. I was one of the high lights of the whole trip. Didn't do the Dragon, I understand it is over rated and two up on a Ultra could be just a traffic jam. LOL The southern end of the Blue Ridge was the better part in my opinion.
    After I get 5 post I'll try to add some pics...
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    I've ridden the Dragon on several occasions with my 61 Dou-Glide. The most recent was
    in 2006. Do it at least once, but if you are on a bagger just take it easy. Leave the knee
    draggin to the Sport bike crowd. The store and motorcycle only motel/campground at the
    end of the ride are worth a visit.
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    I have been very lucky in several ways; I am only a short ride from the BEAUTIFUL NORTH CAROLINA Mountains and I am able to ride this beautiful countryside a lot. I agree with other posts that Deals Gap is really not that cool; traffic is very heavy with cars and many guys that push the limits on RT- 129. There are so many other roads that are less traveled in the area that are a lot more fun to ride. I would recommend you ride the Parkway but do watch your speed limit because they do not mind giving out tickets for five over the limit of 45 MPH. The tickets start at $500 and work up very quickly if the Ranger thinks you are reckless he or she can have the magistrate add another $500. You need to watch out for the cages because they do not watch for us. To really enjoy it ride the Parkway during the week.

    If you would like more info do drop me a line.