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    I took a day trip from Turku, Finland to Hämeenlinna, Finland and back. I used Nokia Sportstracker program in my phone to record this trip. It cuts off some curves but I think that is because it is mainly intented to be used with slower sports than motorcycling :).

    I added some pictures to check.

    First I started from Turku drove old Hämeen härkätie (in english). I had to take some alternate roads to avoid gravel roads. But mainly followed at least to Somero. There I went to check up coming BTTR 2008 place Hovimäki Camping. Bit after I left there I cought quite heavy summer shower what I think I followed almost up to Hämeenlinna. I found some new roads that were really nice to drive lot of curves and small hills and valleys. At Hämeenlinna I went to see Finnish Army shop and checked (behind the fence) Artillery museum I've been there couple times earlier so I did not enter.

    Home bound I drove main road straight to home.

    You can check that trip in Nokia Sportstracker service, do not reguire registering or logging in. Also there are the pictures which are geotagged. There are scenic, open air tractor museum, gasoline price, artillery museum and other pictures.


    I think this is the coolest feature in my phone.


    Gasoline prices you see in monolith are in euros per liter. One liter is 0,26417 US gallon. One kilometer is 0,62137 mile.
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    Cool map. I am still trying to figure out how to record my road trip to Sturgis and back to CA. I see you went 141 Km/h, I never made it past 95 mph on my trip. Tried to take it easy.:D