Road to Hana

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  1. Duane53

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    While on Maui The wife and I rented a bike for three days. We took the road to Hana. 617 curves 56 bridges in 52 miles. What a ride. It was beautiful and at times a little nerve racking with on coming traffic on basicly a one lane road.
    For me it was more of a challenge than the Tail of the Dragon.
    Some day I would like to do it again.
  2. wildey

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    It was about 7 yrs ago I did that drive too, but in a rental car. God it would of been great on a bike.
  3. mgierman39

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    Four or five years ago went to Maui for a Soccer tournament and four of us rented Harley's for a couple days. The rode to Hana and ridiing to the top of the volcano were the highlights. It was hard paying attention to the ride sometimes because of the view. Where else can you ride in a great area and show up for a luau.
  4. doctordoug

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    I have been on that ride twice. If you take it be sure to stop at Black Sand beach shortly before you get to Hana. The sand is all black volcanic sand and a little coarse but very unique. I was disapointed when I saw the Seven Pools. Big build up, big let down. We have bigger mud puddles up here in the Pacific Northwest.