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Can someone tell me how a Road King compares with a Heritage Classic as far as ride comfort and handling goes. I'm getting ready to sell Low Rider and move up. I want something that I can get on the interstate and be comfortable. Thanks
i road a friend heritage and i own a roadking. both are great, but i have to say the roadking rules. the thing about the roadking is it is wide and some find sitting at lights and such could try different seats or a lowering kit- but honestly- you cant beat the ride!!
I looked at both when I bought my roadking that should tell you what I decided on but both are Damn nice bikes and you will fall in love with the one you pick.:)
Gday Greybeard,
I also looked at both machines, & finally opted for the Roadking.

I was told by a number of dealers that the Roadking was much better for longer rides & didnt lose anything on short trips.

I can tell you that my 07 Roadking does everything that I want.

Good luck, have fun shopping.:D

The Road King has a higher ground clearance than the Heritage Softail Classic. This should only matter if you live in curvy countryside, like I do in New Zealand. I have a 2005 Road King Classic and have ordered a 2008 model. I've tried a V-Rod for a few days and it is fun but there is something definitely special about the aircooled beauty!
Whatever you buy or bought, enjoy it and use it to the max and not a mantel piece ornament.
New Zealand:23:
I rented both before I bought one. I liked the Road King, but the softail was very nice to.
I also looked at both bikes when I retired from Carpentry. I liked the Heritage because you sit down in the bike compared to the RK you sat more on top of it. After a few months of agonizing over which one I finlly went with the RK. The reasons being that I was going to be going on longer trips and my wife would be comming on many of them. So for me it was a comfort thing with the air shocks. The other big selling points where dual brakes in the front, locking saddlebags and IMO handling. It is my opinion that the RK is the best handling bike Harley makes. I'm sure others may see things differently and that's cool if it works for them. That's why they make vanilla and choclate. I just got back two months ago from a trip to deals gap via the skyline drive and blue ridge parkway from SE PA. The one guy that went had a Heritage his bike performed very well but even he admitted that he sure would have prefered a bagger. I went on a trip last year across Rt 6 in Pa up to Canada and back down Shenkville to where flight 93 went down on 9-11 and the wife did very little complaining about the ride of the bike. I rode a softail for a few years so I know there not as soft as they would like us to believe. Especially two up. I would say you cannot go wrong with either bike. I bought this bike knowing it would be my last bike. I made up a list of likes and dislikes of both bikes this made it so I could look at it without driving myself crazy.
(which is not that long of a drive )LOL. For me the RK was the best choice I could have made. I still like to take the windshield off from time to time so a bat wing was out of the question. The day I quit riding my RK is the day I will quit riding, and if I have it figured out correctly My leathers, my bike, and me will all crap out about the same time.:) Fuzy
I have to agree with Fuzy here. I tried both softail and now the road king and IMO there is no more comfortable bike than the RK. I think it has it all over the softail for handling also.Due to the geometry of the front end where the fork tubes are almost behind the axis of the steering head, it feels like a much smaller bike in the handling department, very maneuverable.
I have a Heritage.. Had it for 10 years.
The Road King will be a much better ride.. Believe Me..
IMO Softails are lookers and Roadkings are riders.
Trend nowdays seems to be makeing Roadkings look like Dynas with bags (replaceing the stock 16in front with a 21 or 23 inch)