Road King rattle?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Bodeen, Sep 4, 2010.

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    So I'm riding home from work and I accelerate while rolling. Its one of those times when maybe you should downshift but not really necessary. I roll on the throttle and I get a loud rattle sound out of the front of the engine. Sounded like real bad spark knock. So I did it a couple more times to try and determine the source. I get home and I'm thinking heat shield loose or something on the nacelle, etc. If I take the heel of my hand and hit the crash bar it sounds like it is full of BB's inside! It resonates for some time after thumping it. I naturally thought it was the highway pegs but they are tight and so is the crash bar itself. Anybody had/have this problem? I'm pretty sure thats the sound that I hear when I roll on the throttle.


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    Check front floor boards where they mount to bracket. Once I had a rattle and found to be aftermarket mufflers had a loose baffle.
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    Get a mechanic stethascope and a rubber mallet. Keep banging on the crash bar with the rubber mallet and try to locate the sound with the scope.
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    If a manufacturer doesn't have the correct tooling to roll or bend tubing ,they will put sand or some other substance in the pipe so it does not flat spot at the bend. Maybe they forgot to empty it