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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by daveydale, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. daveydale

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    hi, ive got a road king classic 2009. ive recently bought a front suspension lowering kit and its states it fits models 02 -08 road king. mine being an 09, i was wondering if any1 knew if this would fit or what the difference is between the 08 (54614-05) and 09 (46875-09) kits.
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Are you sure you want to lower it and why? This changes the way it will handle and rebound, I would not lower a bagger again, had bad experience in the past JMO
  3. geezer

    geezer Senior Member Contributor

    Welcome aboard Daveydale. Didn't they change the touring frame in 09 or would this have nothing to with the front end?
  4. Chopper

    Chopper Senior Member

    I have not tried interchanging fork parts from 08 to 09 but stock part numbers are different for springs & fork tubes from 07 to 09, could be like Geezer suggested, they must have changed the forks for the new frame.
    Pix's look the same in the adds for both kits but the 09 kit is $50.00 more, my experience with Harley is if they give a fittment, go by it.
    I also agree with Jack, lowering the front end comes with a cost other then just dollars & cents, but different strokes for different folks.
    Here's a link w/pix of 02-08 kit.
    Profile Low Touring Front Lowering Kit | Harley-Davidson USA

    Here's a link w/pix of 09 & later kit
    Profile Low Touring Front Lowering Kit | Harley-Davidson USA
  5. rklew

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    You have to lower the rear also.
  6. daveydale

    daveydale New Member

    cheers guys thanks for all the info. will have to look into this a bit more as well as changing the front i would do the back as well . just need to lower the bike a bit more as i am a bit on the short side at 5 foot have allready changed the seat for a reach seat. if i have no luck i will just have to buy the 09 kit. thanks again one and all

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Lower the bike if it is for safety and stability reasons...just do it a little at a time...but both ends and consult with Progressive or the maker of the shocks/kit, keeping in mind what you are going to be using bike for solo or two-up, lightly or heavily laden...!

    As the ground clearance will suffer, you have to be more careful with low hanging hardware like the floorboards and such, may also have to tuck things inboard a bit to get some more lean angle. Being slight of build, I HAD to lower the bike, and yes I had to select accessories likes pipes, pegs/floorboards and modify mounting bracket/hardware and bumper for side stand and file a bit of it flat to gain more lean angle.
  8. glimmerman

    glimmerman Active Member

    my 01 was lowered by the previous owner. changed it back to stock. got tired of dragging boards and hitting jiffy stand on corners. rides better, too. jmo.
  9. Y2K-RKC

    Y2K-RKC New Member

    I had the same "dragging" issue with the 2000 RKC I purchased. It was lowered by the previous owner. The rear shockmounts were relocated down and back. This caused interference with the bags and eventually had worn through the bag and the shock boot. It appears the only way to get a new shock boot is to buy a new shock. If you do it, do it right. It could get expensive.
  10. Gabbin

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    I have my 09 rear lowered 2in. and clearance hasn't been an issue, nor ride at 2 up. I'd go with progressive up front, they have great suspension. I've not looked into lowering the front of mine, just the rear, to give it that pit bull stance.