Road King Classic wiring GPS

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dleary, Oct 22, 2012.

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    I have done a little research and would like to use the Accessory switch and harness with adapter under the seat to wire the gps. I was wondering how difficult it is to run wires under the gas tank. I wanted to do a cheap auto gps Garmin 1450lmt with a Ram mount. I was also wondering if there is an advantage to getting the longer Ram mounts 6 inch as opposed to the 4 inch or 3 inch. Any suggestions on type of gps or mounts or even wiring techniques are appreciated. I know there is power in the headlight, but did not know if I wanted to fool with that. The GPS can be wired directly into the fuse box too. Or it can be connected to the battery tender. Decision, decisions.
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    Welcome to the forum. I've found the easy way to run a wire under the gas tank is to remove the rear bolt, and loosen the front bolts, then slide a stiff wire through. You can wiggle the tank up and down, but be careful of the fuel lines front and rear. Tape the small end of the GPS wire to the fish wire as smooth as possible & work it through. I use the 1450 and like the large bright display, and can even hear the voice up to about 50 mph. The longer the mount, the more vibration you will get. When you say GPS can be wired directly to fuse box, remember you MUST use the adapter on the end of the cable to reduce voltage to the GPS. That's why I now have a 1450 in place of the 285 I fried. :D
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    i have the 4' ram on my RKP and it works great for power i ran a plug to my battery tender connection so that i cam power up the GPS by putting the two connectors together... the gps power i used a 12 cigarette type power plug which is easily hidden under the seat. this way i didn't have to worry about the voltage needed for the gps because i could use it's original plug.

    welcome to the forum...enjoy :D
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    I ran a cable from the tender pigtail to a lighter socket which i mounted on the frame of the dyna the lighter socket had a rubber cover and faces down so that water can not collect in it
    I bought a cheep and nasty water proof gps holder that mounts on the handle bars and a cheep gps unit
    This setup worked very well and the water proof gps cover was far more effective than my waterproof clothing keeping the gps dry and working through 10 days of torrential rain
    Sometimes simple works well