Road King Classic Headlight fuse location

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by ALR Post 13 Highwayman, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. ALR Post 13 Highwayman

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    Where is the headlight fuse on a 2002 Road King Classic, FLHRCI? I have looked under the right side cover; there is a System Relay, ECM fuse 15 Amp, Fuel Pump fuse 15 amp and a Spare Fuse 15 Amp (missing) that are wired in.
    My headlamp, taillights and foglamps are out but bike runs and turn signals work. This headlight fuse is not under the seat near the battery (I looked).

    I rode in before dawn by flashlight! LOL

    Disregard this post: Dummy don't know left from right in the dark, I guess. The fusebox is on the LFET side. It's a sign of a real man who can laugh at himself!:D
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    Glad you made it safely, and glad you learned your left from your right. :s

    I laugh a lot, mostly at myself so don't feel bad. Besides, it keeps people wondering. :D
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    Great post and honest too. :s

    Glad you found the fuse.