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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Drew, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Drew

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    I'm currently riding a sportster (well, currently I am sitting at my computer... but you know what I mean), but am thinking of buying a Dyna or touring bike in the next year or so. If I go the touring route, it will be a RK Classic, as I like it's sleeker look. I just don't do enough long distance riding to get one of the bigger touring bikes.

    But, the look of the Road Glide is really growing on me. I'm not much for farings, in all honesty, but I like the look of that one... in the orange and black color scheme, that's a mean looking bike.

    Seems to me like the Street Glide is the most popular touring bike. But if I had to choose a faring equipped touring bike right now, on looks alone, it would be the RG.


    LPFRAY Member

    I am currently waiting for my orange Road Glide to arrive at the dealer. I will have to say there are a lot of folks out there who feel a bagger is only good for long distance. I will agree it is one of the most comfortable rides in that reguard, but a bagger is just as good around town and for short trips to the store as any of them, not to mention you have a "bag" to put your stuff in. It all come down to personnal choice. Baggers tend to be more expensive because you get lots of bells and whistles, but they are worth it.
  3. sneyers

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    I'll have to second what LPFRAY has to say. I had a Road King and liked it a lot, but I must say My Ultra Classic is great. All the goodies you could want, extremely easy to ride, plenty of storage and super comfy. It all depends where you are with your riding attitude. You could always have a second bike for the cool factor but my guess is you'll spent more time on the bagger than you think.I don't think I'll ever not have a touring bike again. May try a Road Glide next time.
  4. martysnarf

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    Funny, I was just at the dealer yesterday discussing this very topic with my Sales dude- who is also my friend. We were discussing options and such for the SG that I intend to buy, and I was complaining that because I am tall, I have some issues with some of the seat and handlebar positions, etc... He told me that he had the same issues because of his height and long legs, and that he ended up with a Road Glide because the seat is positioned further back than the other dressers. He had it with him that day, and let me take it for a quick spin. That scoot has a COMPLETELY different feel than my RK, or the SG that I am looking at. You are seated a bit further back, and more down INTO the seat- as opposed to sitting more up ON the tank like the RK and SG. It was REALLY comfortable for me. The bad part for me though is- I just don't personally dig the look of that fairing and the dual headlights. No offense to anyone that owns one- to each their own- and ya dig what ya dig, ya know? I like lots about it, but I am not a fan of that fairing look. I LOVED the ergonomics of it though!! REALLY nice ride!!
  5. cjcavitt

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    After having my first bagger I’ll always have one. Fairings are worth every penny and a case of “soda” fits perfectly into a saddlebag. Plus the stereo never gets turned off.

    Every time I pass a naked bike on the interstate while running about 80-85 I’m reminded exactly why fairings are worth it. The wind is pounding the snot out of them while were riding comfortable. Sure the naked bikers look cool, but they remind me of a bull dog with its head out the window flapping in the breeze.

    Just food for thought.
  6. Drew

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    I've never even ridden with a windshield. How much more wind do the fairings block compared to a windshield on a Road King?
  7. staush

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    Drew, there is no comparison between the two. I had a 97 road king that I road for 50k miles and I loved it. When I got the chance to buy my 2005 road glide i snatched it up. the road glide front end is lighter and easier to steer at parking lot speeds because the fairing is frame mounted so you are not moving it around when you turn your wheel, no weight for the handlebars to move. on the open road, cross winds or semi's have very little effect on the front end, again because of the fairing being frame mounted. all i can say is that it is a great bike. hope this helps.

  8. ProF

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    I've been riding an FXRS for the past 22 years without a windshield, and never felt the need for one. Have over 200k miles on the bike and always thought of it as a comfortable ride.

    This past Spring, I bought an '03 Road Glide, and man, what a change!!!

    First of all, you're going to notice a tremendous difference in handling. The RG is much heavier, and you can't just manhandle it around like a Sporty, or an FXRS, for that matter. It takes some getting used to, for sure.

    That said, it is much smoother, more comfortable, and very relaxing to ride, especially at highway speed. I have come to love the fairing - after no fairing at all, the small amount of wind that comes through is downright pleasant.

    I agree with the guys who say they'll never go back to a sports bike. I hardly ever take my trusty FXRS out anymore. I'm a bagger convert.

    Biggest negatives? The bike is an absolute dog at speeds below 5 or 10mph. It's heavy, awkward to back up, and very easy to tip if you lean too much at low or no speed. And to compound that problem, you likely won't be able to pick it up yourself. Ask me how I know about that one! Second negative, which really is relevant to all newer bikes: all the electronics. My old one could be tweaked and often fixed on the side of the road. The bagger has to be brought to an electronic engineer with a fortune in computer gear, all of which you pay for by the hour. But I guess that's progress.

    All in all? I love it. The looks are strictly personal - can't comment on that - but the bike itself is great.
  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    Don't have much to add to what everyone's been saying except this -

  10. flh canuck

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    Once you buy a bagger there is no going back.

    I am partial to the Electraglide of course but the Roadking is also a beautiful machine. As for the Roadglide, well even that style is starting to grow on me a little....

    I had a Fatboy for a while with the same style windshield as the Roadking. It works but doesn't provide nearly the same wind protection as the Electraglide fairing. I haven't ridden a Roadglide but expect it would also provide pretty good wind protection.

    For me, the main advantage the "glides" have over the Roadking is the option of tunes. Cruising down the road on a sunny day with the stereo cranked is just about as good as it gets...

    Bought my first bagger about ten years back and what amazed me most was how fast the miles racked up. With those saddle bags, I found I was using the bike for everything. Running to the store for a jug of milk, picking up a case of beer, any excuse to go for a ride.

    I now have an '08 Electraglide and its the same story. The truck sits parked and neglected in the driveway unless the weather turns nasty.

    Baggers are awsome for going on long road trips but also equally fun for just ripping around town or running errands... Regardless of which bagger you decide on, I can guarantee you will be riding more often!