road glide ultra, tire inflation and shake at 40 mph

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    picked it up recently nice ride. Many bikes previous this is my firsy HD. Any help on two issues please, proper tire inflation, and handle bar shake at about forty makes you hold on tight
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    Re: road glide ultra

    Welcome to THe Forum, check the self help section, the answers you need should be there, use key words and phrases in the search box:s
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    Welcome to the forum. There has been issues with the new Dunlop tires that HD has been putting on the new bikes, so it may be a tire issue. Also there have been bikes leaving the factory with the steering head not adjusted properly. There is a Road Glide only forum that you can join that has a lot of info, just google road glide forums.

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    Not Knowing the Year of your bike... Can you put it in your information below your avatar? That make it easier to Know what year the bike is..
    On the newer 07's and up to 09/10, the tires Could be cupping and many have been recalled.

    Year of your bike and how many miles on it?

    If you "feel" the front tire, rub your hand over the tread and it shows by feel, cupping, or worn and maybe uneven tread it may need replacing or RE balancing if good.

    The shake happened to one of my bikes and a new tire was the remedy, I had several thousand on the tire. (Tyre for fin):D

    Too many needed things to hear from you to give any more suggestions.
    I use 36# in the front and 40# in the rear (09 FLHR)



    I see looking at your profile it is a 2011...
    Too new for worn out unless you really have miles on it.. Cupping or Re balance needed IMO
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    I believe Harley has put out a service bulletin on this problem... Just noticed the other day that my RG will wobble at about 35mph if I don't keep a firm hold on the bars. Kind of unnerving, I'll be having HD fix that when I go in for my 10K service in a couple weeks.
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    buddy with an '09 ultra, had wheel bearings go bad.... dealer replaced under warranty
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    I had the service bulletian printed...but i cant find it now. it was for the head bearing on road glides only...i'm sure its out there if you google it. i thought it was after the frame change..i know of 1 2001 that had to have it done.
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    Just found this on my son's '11 RGU, may or may not eventually contribute to a wobble. He has been complaining of an intermittent rattle that sounds like something metal falling down a metal stair case. The engine stabilizer link has developed some play on the end mounted to the frame. I had been suspecting exhaust interference. With him sitting on the machine holding it vertical, I pushed an exhaust pipe (discharge end of muffler) firmly from side to side. There is a rhythm that the frame and tires will naturally wiggle and add to the side to side swing. While doing that we could hear a knocking and it felt like it was in the vicinity of the triple tree. The neck bearings had been tightened considerably at 4500 miles due to a wobble but eventually it was traced to a faulty front tire. The neck bearings are still plenty tight. Placing a finger on the bolt and rod end at the same time makes the play easy to feel.

    On the 09 and newer machines, the new frame and engine mounts pretty well locate the engine with the bottom mounts and this link should primarily retain the vertical orientation of the engine/transmission/swing arm and rear wheel. If this has happened to him in 10,000 very conservatively driven miles, chances are good others will have this happen to them also. It is only a guess, but I can't help but think if this had gotten bad enough, it may have contributed to a new wobble at some speed or other. Especially for those with a hint of wobble, checking their engine link or links (on the older machines) might be one more thing to do. With the machine on the jiffy stand, we could not get the the link end to make any noise or feel any play. To check this the way we did will require some one keeping the bike vertical, with weight on the tires, not on a frame jack.