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Im 5'6 and full of it but while riding my RG the stock windshields top is right in my view so i must look under or over ! So my question is have any of you all used the smoked or black shorty on there RG and does the wind hit you in the face or still go over the top of your head.. Im considering the low profile one but dont want all the wind deflection in my face.
Also even after lowering the bike the stock seat still holds my stubs that i have for legs out and i am darn near on my tip toes... Do any of you have a badlander or other thinner seat on there glide with pics that you all would recommend me trying to use.

Thanks in advance
I am 6'3" and look well over the top of my windshield without any hard wind in my face. I can sure understand wanting to get a shorter windshield as it sounds like the one you have is much too tall for you! Hope this helps...

Yes thanks ! yea i have to look through the top and it gets real annoying looking over ,under ,over ,under:p so do you have the stock or the shorty
I'm 6'3" and I rented an RG a couple of years ago just to try it out.
It had the stock windshield which I looked over all the time. I found that the wind at highway speed seemed to buffet my helmet continuously, and it was damned annoying after a short while.
My '04 Classic has the stock shield also, which I also look over mostly, but it does not have the helmet buffet thing at all.
If I had an RG, I think I would try to find a taller shield for my situation, but it sounds like you need a shorter shield. I just hope that you don't wind up with it too short and get into a wind buffet situation.
I'm 6'0'' and the stock windshield works well for me but if I were you I'd look at something maybe half way between the shorty and stock and you'd likely get the wind protection you're looking for.Good Luck.