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    I was Going to install the Fairing Bra on the RG Today and when taking the Windshield off, 2 Rubber Grommets fell inside the Fairing, I had to take the Fairing apart and when I went to put it back together one Grommet will not go back in the Hole to Tighten down the Windshield. I have to find a Rubber Grommet that will fit this now, I am not very Happy with the way this set up is designed. I did My 1000 Mile service and had problems with the Derby Cover Bolts and had to chisel them off because they were so Tight and they Stripped out on me. I was out riding and the Rubber on the Windshield came loose and was slapping against the Fairing leaving some Scratch Marks. I would like to know what is up with HD, Is this what they are producing Today and Selling because after all of this going wrong I am not Impressed with the Bike anymore, I think they need to Improve on things a lot more because for a $20,000 Bike these things should not happen! :(

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    I have a 2001 you're right the anchors for the windshield Edit if you take the rubber off it is a wall anchor. I use to swap windshield for the 4"dark for looks in warm weather, till I went for function instead of looks.I tried using clear rtv to hold them in place but the screws would bind pushing the toggle into the fairing. I've looked at nut and bolt venders and none carry them so stock up.
    For the derby cover and the primary inspection cover the torx bolts are retarded I've broken tip on impact torx bits using 1/4" drive. regular bits would strip I changed them to allen head just like the rest of the cover bolts

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    IMO why would you want to stick velco on the fairing & hide the paint !! The RG has wellnuts & you can not over tighten them , When you remove the outer fairing you can put the windshield on before you replace the outer fairing . As you replace the windshied you may want to remember the order of assembly .
    2-plastic flat washer (outer side of windshield )
    4-wellnut ( makes contact to windshield )
    5-rubber flat washer ( between wellnut & outer fairing )

    The Rubber flang of the wellnut will go in between the windshield & the rubber flat washer .
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    Down in FL, we have a ton of bugs, especially those pesky love bugs that will eat through the paint if you don't remove them. I've used this on all my vehicles and motorcycles on the parts that face forward (i.e fairing, bumper/hood on cars, etc..). Now it won't protect paint chips from stones, etc.., but does a great job overall and bugs come right off.

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