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RK Nacelle Breakdown


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Doing a fork service or steering head bearing adjustment, the nacelle has to come off.

From a 2008 Road King. There is a small alignment pin on the back side, bottom of the right nacelle half which may not be noticed during disassembly. Getting the two halves properly aligned for re-assembly was very troublesome until I noticed this pin and inserted it in its hole. After that, getting the halves to align was easy.

The trim ring around the fork lock is held in position by the friction of three little "feet". Using a putty knife or any other sharp, flat tool and gently prying up will lift the ring with no problem.

The head lamp assembly is held in the nacelle by 7 small phillips head screws. There were 8 holes and 8 cushioned "nuts" for the screws. I went to Harley to get an 8th screw believing one had been left out at the factory, the parts book said there were only 7 screws, I got the 8th one just to make me feel better. (Mr. Monk and the motorcycle)
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