Rinehart True Duals

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by afish22, Oct 9, 2009.

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    So I've put on a set a true duals on my 07 Streetglide. Had them on about 3 months and I'm having one problem, my left muffler doesn't seem to stay sealed. I've pulled it off scuffed the mating surface with a scotchbrite pad. Resealed it with the high temp copper silicone they recommend. It slid back about an inch or so. Called bub's warranty dept they said a new clamp would fix it. So put the new clamp on resealed and now its slid back about the same or a little more. Does anyone have any suggestions??
  2. Porter

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    Since I am in the middle of replacing the "Y-pipe" due to it cracking in half I am currently sensitized to looking for cracks...

    The only thing the jumped into my head was to check and see if you have a crack in the left side exhaust pipe where it meets the muffler. I could imagine that if there is a hairline crack, when you compress it with a clamp, it would form a kind of tapered, cone-like shape and allow the muffler to slide backwards.

    Maybe you have already looked for this.... but if it is snug and the muffler doesn't move when you attach it, but then gets loose after vibration and heat...that is my best guess.:33: