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Rigid Struts?

anyone have any opinion on rigid struts?
i saw a youtube video with a guy with a nightster who had them. they look cool. i know they deminish ride quality but i was originally looking for a ridgid before i bought my nighster.
i guess im just trying to get a general consensis ( doubt that was spelled right) on these.
do you think they are : cool, lame, dangerous?
will they affect drive belt wear?
anything else that i havnt thought of?
I have a set of adj. struts that I replace the rear shocks with when I go the track on street night. They work great, I made them with adj. heim joints on both ends so I can tune the bike to the track.
another question that came to me last night.
what about the possibility of stress crack on the frame?
A Harley frame cracking!! Banish the thought. They don't crack they break all the way into. Back in the day Harley even supplied a weld in gusset to keep the back wheel from falling off!
Really, your butt will give up before your frame!!
i dont plan on carrying a passenger.
and yes the ride will be rough. i cant wait!:bigsmiley22:
All I can say is, I did once, but took em off soon after. Hardtails usually have a spring seat of some kind, makes it a little more bearable. You may have a differant outcome.:)