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    I just want input from other riders . I live in a midwest town of around 50,000 . All our main threw streets are 2 lanes in each direction with a posted speed limit of 35 mph . I always push the limit and go 39-40 mph . Almost all the the cars are trying to go faster to go past me or if i start gaining on them they speed up , and when at a stop light , which we have many , they usally try to beat me off the line . Do you find this in your areas also ? I have to admit some times when i'm at the light and i can tell the car next to me is going to try and get the jump on me i just can't resist and will smoke them off the line lol . I'm old enoigh to know better to but i just can't take it some times .
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    That's one of the many fun reasons for riding. It brings out the kid in us. I know what you mean. I only do that on rare occasions however. Tempting as it might be I don't want to "get on it" at every stop sign to see if I can blow some cager off the line! :s
    I usually ride no more than 10 MPH over the speed limit in country roads but when in town or neighborhoods I will respect the speed limit. One really doesn't want to go blasting through town at 50 MPH, cops frown on that. :s

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    In California its similar. Out here you've got to be careful with the vigilante types. Lane splitting is legal if traffic is moving slowly, and there always seems to be someone ready to swerve to close the gap if they see you coming. I've had to reach out and slap a fender or two at lane merges also, when even though they know I'm there and we are at similar speeds they bully over and try to get in front of you. It can be a test of your "zen" mastery, and there are times when it could be easy to loose your cool. Just remember that right or wrong the cagers generally don't get the injuries.
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    Bowhiker, I couldn't agree more with what horizon said. Please slow down in and around town, I know I would not care for you blasting through my neighbohood. As far as getting the jump at a stoplight on a cager? The power to weight ratio says you can get the jump on a Corvette off the line much less some SUV or minivan. I to love to run it up in the twisties and have been known to try to find the rev limiter on a back country road, riding with my buddies, but I also love the sight, smell, taste of the open road (I could do without the bugs though). Think how the people who care about you would feel when you blast off from some stop and get hit by the texting socker mom running the stop. We are all old enough to know better, give it a thought.

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    I'm sorry if i made it sound like i do this a lot i don't . I never go through neighbor hoods too fast at all ever . I am probbably more careful than most and am always aware of what's behind me in front and to both sides , i'm a very defensive rider and good thing i am because i've already avoided 3 acceidents by cagers . Even on the open rode i'm watching ditches and driveways for anything .i just made it sould like i'm a rebel i'm really not .
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    I live in a small town of about 5-6000 and the in town limit is 25 which is hard to maintain although I do try. Outside of town I try to keep it to no more than 5MPH ove the posted speed. Most of the officers will let you get away with that as long as you're not driving erratically.
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    A lttle off topic,kinda,but my kind of fun at the lights is to make like you're gonna race with the braindead leadfoots,and laugh to myself as I watch them ruin thier tyres and bring thier engine a few thousand miles to the scrapyard!
    It makes 5thier day cause they think they "done one",and my day cause I know they didnt!!Sad huh?
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    I am a mix of Bowhiker and gunnut, just depends on my mood and the setting.

    But yes given the right setting I am not afraid to smoke em! :lero
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    I was watching a show and it took place in India or Asia somewhere over there and they were riding a motorcycle and let me tell you, it was 95% bikes and about 5% cars on the road and it looked more dangerous than anything on our roads. Bike were swerving in and out, they were crazy, the guy driving the bike had about 3 almost. After seeing that, I prefer to dodge cars.

    As far as taking off, just remember that about 100% of the reason of towns cracking down on loud exhaust is from jack rabbit starts.
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    If I'm on my Dyna and there's no traffic, I have been known to engage in a show of testerone. The Electraglide is so heavy I'm afraid to launch it, but did do a "roll on" with a new 5.0 Mustang through 3 gears, and was surprised that I stayed ahead of him. But NEVER in a neighborhood, and seldom go more that 10 over posted limit. It's still irresponsible, but the devil makes me do it:bigsmiley22: