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    OK.....been looking for a good set of riding boots for a couple of months now. Researched manny brands online and many sellers online. Settled on purchasing my boots at American Made Work Boots and Shoes - Over 300 Styles, Carolina, Chippewa, Double H, Justin, Matterhorn, Made in USA - Free Shipping

    I needed a pair of AMERICAN MADE riding boots that would protect my feet an lower legs in a get off, look great, and be fairly comfortable walking around between rides (short distances up to 1/2 a mile). I could not make up my mind between the Chippewa rally or a chippewa harness boot so I order them both to try on in the house and return the pair I did not want. Both pair boots cost $172 at the website above!

    I was sure that I would like the rally boot because it is a purpose built motorcycle boot but went with the harness boot and here is why:

    Rally boot is a great quality boot and specifically designed for riding....shifter pad and velcro closures to tighten the boot for a snug fit. Problem for me is the boot seems too purpose built just for riding! Walking around the house in them I could just not see myself walking any more than a hundred feet in them without a blister on my instep. They are "angled forward" for comfort only on the bike. They will be great ON the bike....but not off! Plus the velcro closure on the side had a large gap I could stick my finger in and feel my sock......H20 definatley getting in on the highway in a rain storm!

    The harness boot is a better "split" between riding and walking. TOUGH as nails leather and a mini lug sole with some traction! These boots will look great with jeans and a sweater in the fall for casual wear as well as on the bike so I went with them. Also have a local shoe repair guy in town that will be able to add a shifter pad on the left boot if I really want it. I know guys that have added this to their riding boots for $20!

    I'll be riding with them this weekend as I get my bike out of storage! I'll let you know how they work on the bike!

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    Sometimes the question of boots comes up from being dissatisfied with ones you may have just purchased...take a look at this thread:


    Take a look at some of the posters who listed their recommendations...I like my old fashioned steel toed Red Wing branded Wellington style slip-on workboots. Hard to find all USA branded ones, but as an alternative I have used Wolverine, but they are made in Dominican Republic, but they are comparable.
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    I've been wearing West Coast boots for 25 years. They are rather expensive but worth every penny in my opinion. Takes a little while to get them broke-in but once they are.......like a pair of gloves for your feet. I've walked and ridden all day in them. Went down one time at 55mph. Carried the bike on my right leg breaking my knee. I truly believe that if I had not had on a pair of QUALITY, U.S.A-MADE boots it would have been alot worse. I see people wearing tennis shoes or loafer and riding and I cringe. They will learn the hard way. BTW, the boots I was wearing when I went down.......still wearing them. West Coast also has a rebuild program too.
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    I have always worn steel toed engineer boots, current pair are H D non steel toed and not wearing good made in China going back to Red Wings
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    i have just gotten into my 2nd set of boots....from this company,, the 1st pair were used for approx 60k mi,,i rode across country n.y. to utah. 6 times with these boots in an array of weather conditins, 100% water proof, and good to walk on, also light leather when you ride,,so heat don;t kill your feet, They also sell a thin wicking sock ..which helps also with any feet moisture.
    some say they are priced high,,$239. CRUISER WORKS,,, check them out.
    JMHO :D

    Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Apparel Ladies Biker Leather Riding Comfortable Men
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    Bought a pair of Chippewa steel toed engineer boots a while back and have really been impressed by the comfort and quality. A well made in the U.S.A. boot. Sprayed them down good with Camp-dry and they havn't leaked.....yet!
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    I took a ride on my fxdc with the chippewa harness boots for the first time and have to say I like them alot better than riding in my army issue "desert caddilacs". The box toe on these boots allows me to get my toes under the mid mounted shifter easily......the desert boots were a little tough at times to get under the peg and lift. The only thing I have to get used to is the higher heel......it does not allow me to put my feet in many different posititons on the mid mounts very well....the heel limits the positions quite a bit.....especially on the right foot for breaking! With the deset boots I could just slide my right foot forward on the peg and break easily. the heel limits this and now I find myself twisting my right foot inward and only the tip of my toe contacts the break lever......just a matter of getting used to it. I did slip off the break peddal a couple of times.

    The overall feel of these boots is better than any other shoes I've worn......the ankle flexibility is great and I feel more planted on the ground when touching down. Awesome quality too. Ridden through some wet patches and the water just beeds off where the desert boots soaked up the water quickly. I'm sure I'll have to keep them oiled though to keep the water rolling off......any suggestions on a good oil to use on chippewa odesa black leather?
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    I have found most boots made for motorcycling are uncomfortable to walk in for any distance
    So the boots i currently use were designed for rugged outdoor use a military style of boot
    Magnum elite wp
    the wp is for waterproof an important consideration in this part of the world although they have some sort of teperature control lining and a waterproof inner sock that is breathable i have never had overheating feet in them however summer temperatures here tend to be between 60 and 70 degrees
    i have walked and ridden many miles with these boots on and will buy another pair when needed

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    Went down to the surplus store and picked up a pair of 5.11 Tacticals. Very comforable and very rugged. Oil/Slip resistant soles. Plus, they've got a zipper on the side so I don't even need to mess with the laces.
    Sadly, made in China.