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Riders get a bad name?


I don't know how things are where you are from but here where I am most riders are considered to be rude, drunk, bikers that are out looking for a fight. Is this the case everywhere?
I live in a mostly elderly community where everyone has a boat, at least one car, and a Harley! So I would say that things are probably different depending on where you are located. It really is a shame that some people label bikers in one group!
Yes, sort of. Well, most especially because I am a girl. They can't understand why I am riding a Harley instead of a car. My family doesn’t like it either. But they are used to it. Only me and my younger brother ride bikes.
It really is a shame that some people label bikers in one group!

This what usually happens when some elements in the group where you belong committed some misdeeds. You all would be classified as one especially the bikers. You seem to have that brotherhood aura in you. It seems like you're an exclusive group.
I have noticed this as well and wish that people would stop sterotyping all groups not just the bikers. I hate that when you talk to someone about a certain bar or club they say "Oh that is a biker bar", like it is some kind of bad thing.
It really depends on where you are and what has recently happened. Most people are close minded idiots and can only see negative. But times they are a changing and since your doctor, lawyer, etc are riding, people don't always associate bikers with the old stereotype.
here it is rather cool to be a biker, and all the girls want a biker here.The police even close roads off here for my friends to race and show out.Sometimes it gets on my nerves being woke up by rumbling at 2 a.m. but hey, I get dressed and run on out the door.
Where I live is very country and everyone has a bike so there is not much along the lines of sterotyping bikers. Now where I used to live there were certain bars that everyone avoided because it was a biker bar and so forth. I had went to these bars and they were no different then any other bar other than there were a ton of bikes out front.
seems everything and everyone gets stereotyped in one way or another.guess it's from folk that scared to try anything and mad at folk who will try.
As a woman I have not had to deal with this too much. I think that it is unfortunate that most men bikers get the rap that they are just out to drink and get into a fight. I have met many bikers that have never been in a fight in their life!