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Ride Planner


Has anyone used the one that is available on HDs website. It looks pretty good and I was just wondering about any info good or bad before I try it out, should I rely on this or is there a better planner out there?
I haven't used it, sorry I can't give you any feedback on it. I have looked at it though and you're right it does look very good. If you have a ride coming up I would for sure try it. I have always done it by myself. And I think it could be better by using a tool like this.
I say give it a shot. it looks like they ahve pretty much thought of all of the big things along the way, you don't have to totally stick with it and it can be a useful tool along the way to have access to the plans they set up for you.
Thanks so much Brother. that is great as I am an off the beaten path kind of traveller. I cannot wait to map out a few trips and just go!! This is going to be so incredible.