revolution performance EFIinstall first impression

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by brownfoxx1, Oct 7, 2011.

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    on a '09 t/g, easy to install; except not slack in the bikes wireing harness behind the fuse holder.quick turn-around on sending the ECM to get it re-flashed.
    the instructions are for all FL models, so instead of putting the module
    on the outside of the fuse holder cover;(won't fit there because the left side cover have metal braceing.BUT the good news is there is adequate room
    under the right sidecover. 83 degrees today in middle indiana. on a 30 mile inital trip . oil temp went to almost 250 degrees.
    throttle response was great.
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    That oil temp seems high for only 83 degrees. I rode recently in 94 degree heat and never went over 215. I have TFI, Rush slipons, SE intake with K&N and a Jagg 6 row cooler along with a K&P oil filter. Jagg has fan assisted cooler now for touring bikes.