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Revisiting the HD Neutral Light Problem


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My 2007 Dyna Low Rider developed a problem about three rides ago where the neutral light will come on in any gear either flickering or on solid after the bike has been ridden for a while and is warmed up. The temperature outside was always about 65 degrees. It is in the shop right now getting its 1000 mile service. The HD dealer said they rode the bike and couldn't get the light to come on so they are unable to fix it. I have read in the forum of several others who have mentioned neutral light issues. There was a M1205 bulletin that came out in March of 2007 which recommended replacing the neutral switch with an improved version. My question is whether or not anyone else with a 2007 Dyna is experiencing this same problem. I don't like not being able to trust my neutral light. For the price I paid for this bike I shouldn't have to. The HD Dealer said that they didn't want to throw parts at the problem and unless the neutral light came on for them they couldn't troubleshoot it. Very frustrating situation to say the least!
I had the same problem with my 07 RK and had to bring in the part number for them to replace the switch with the upgraded one which has a better "O" ring seal in it.
They told me they didn't know anything about it.
If you want the light to light for the dealer, give it a bath before bringing the bike in for them to see. The water will infiltrate the switch and as it warms up you will gradually get more and more gears that light the light until they all do as the engine gets hot.

You'll find that it will shift smoother after the switch is replaced too.

Here's the info

False Neutral Light On - Harley Davidson Community

Take a trip through the self help forums, there's a lot of info that can help you in there, look at the bottom of this post.
Thanks for the info. Glider. I am assuming that the switch that is activated is obviously not in a moisture proof location. There is quite a bit of moisture (fog) where I live but where my bike is stored shouldn't make this an issue. When I pick up the bike tomorrow I will see what they say about installing the upgraded neutral switch. If it is a cheap part and is easy to install they should just do it. The bike is still under factory warranty so it shouldn't cost them anything.
Take this info to them. They will be reimbursed for the upgrade from the MOCO.

I also installed the Kuryakyn frog mouth cover to give it some additional protection and as bit more chrome.

Second row down here on page 7. $19.99

Chrome Covers Page

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According to the Kuryakyn website the frog neutral light switch cover only fits 98' to 05' Dyna's. Mine is an 07'. It does say that this cover also fits 98' to 08' Dressers & Road Kings which is why it worked for you. Thanks anyway.
Just as an update to the problem with my neutral light coming on while in any gear while riding, the dealer kept the bike another day and was able to duplicate the neutral light coming on. They replaced the neutral switch with the new upgraded switch (PN 33926-06B-the part Glider referred to in previous post) which appears to have taken care of the problem. Another item concerning this is that twice when I had the problem of the neutral light coming on I also had the security light (key shaped icon on the speedo gauge) come on solid and stay on for a while. The service manager said there is mention of this in the tech repair manual. Apparently it says that if the neutral light does come on when it is not supposed to that the security indicator will light up which indicates a problem. Hope this added information can be of use to someone.