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    Anybody into restoration/renovation? I have given this some thought. I think a project would be neat. Possibly a 1959 Duo Glide or other 1959 model. 1959 being the year of birth, seems to be a good round 50 yr old project. Where would you locate a project to restore and determine a value/cost of the project you wish to purchase?....other words how much for the box of junk/pieces value with out being ripped off?
  2. ultrat

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    now id like a 58 .. sweep meets, ebay .creglist, hemming ? . depends on pieces missing 2k to 6k id think & its a buyers market out there...i have done it but w/ triumphs..
  3. fin_676

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    Ive done a bmw r100 rt a motto guzzi lemans and a honda cb125 cdt each had there own difficulties and i ended up spending more money than the bikes were worth so no money to be made
    but the sence of satisfaction can not be measured
    a good source of parts is essential as youll need all sorts of stuff on each of the bikes i did i replaced all the fastners with stainless steel in a hope that they didnt rust together again
    i did not do my own painting and welding as i did not have thoes skills at the time still cant weld but have since done a wee bit of painting
    thought when i was doing the work that i would keep the bikes forever however once a project is finished had to move on as i had the bikes as runners during the summer and did the restoration work over the winter took about 3 winters each to do the 2 big bikes honda came as a box of bits and a frame took about 7 months

  4. ultrat

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    Its a labor of love......
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    Have never done a bike, but have a few cars under my belt, and have a brother in law who has done his share of resto on T'Birds. As was previously mentioned, it is a labor of love and I would approach the project with that in mind. Next, determine, with the utmost of honesty, what things you are capable of doing, or can have done at a reasonable cost ( ie. thorugh family or friends). Knowing that you have a relative who can paint, or one who can wrench a motor to life puts a whole new perspective on such a project. Lastly, research, research , research.....Know as much as you can about the project you are thinking of. Go to shows, talk to people, find out all that you can...Good luck..
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    A buddy bought a 59 FL and a 61 FL burnt for $4000 complete. Mostly need sand blasting and paint and wiring and rubber. JP cycles has a lot of parts for them but do it for the love not the money.