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    Well restoration with maybe a touch of customization is what I am thinking for my 1970 Electra Glide. The bike has been in my family since I was 5 and finally my dad wants to pass it along. Problem is that it has been sitting for some years, backed over at Sturgis, and down right rough. I have no visions of returning her to the wonderful green like the day he brought it home, but do envision restoration with custom paint and a few new mods. My question is where to begin other than a google search. I called a few buddies and the same story of so and so called it quits years ago or they packed up shop a while back. I would like to stay local here in Virginia and want the bike done right. Any advise where to start / look possibly in Central Virginia would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Heard good things about these guy's in Richmond. Some one from the shop was part of "biker build off" type show on tv when that was in-vogue. I've not dealt with them personally.

    Departure Bike Works
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    This kind of depends on how much work you can do your self. There are lots of repop parts still out there for your bike Harley-Davidson Parts P Cycles
    start here to look for parts
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    Not a real fan of Departure. Had some work on a 1200 years back that wasn't all that great. Did enjoy seeing them on build off and the painter for that bike is a buddy's dad from my hometown. My goal is to have them paint my bike after restoration.
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    post a pic of that bike I am sure we would all like to see what it looks like ..thanks Dan