Respectable Mileage on Road King

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SEroadking, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Wow. I knew that I was getting great mileage on the Michelin's new tire for my road King. The Commander II. I have always noticed that in Texas that my tires now wear in the center only, as opposed to entire tread wear that I was used to in Montana. (Yea it's the flatland) When I saw the center tread groove starting to disappear (at about 9K) on the Michelin I naturally ordered another because of how many more mile that I was getting out of them than I got out of the E-3's from Dunlop. So. I inspected the new tire and I found that there is actually no TWI in the center of this tire and that I probably have another 1,000 in the one on my bike which is at 9,800 now. Before the Commander II the best mileage I had ever obtained on a rear tire was just under 7K. WOW, and they cost about $15.00 less than the E-3's.
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    Nice improvement. Like you, here in Fla. I don't get a lot of miles out of the rear. I may have to try one these next time. Thanks for sharing.
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    I have a Commander I just sitting to go on when i'm due for a change on the E-Glide. I'm running one on the rear of my Softail and saw a closeout when they came out with the new tread pattern on the II's for $60 so i couldn't pass it up. No issues with my Michelins and get good mileage from them.