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repost on just makes you scream


Well here it goes don't know how many harley mechanics are on this forum but this one was a first from what i hear. I recently posted a bulletin on how my bike this sunday started to make a horrible grinding/vibration well here's the answer.
I tore the center splines off the hub of the stator where it slides on to the splined shaft. had to use heat to remove the rest of the center of the hub of the splined shaft.
ok now that you've heard the outcome.
Who in the he---double hockey sticks has ever heard of this happening?
All i can figure is higher horspower motors result in devastation to stock harley parts. Next project is new clutch. yeah thats not looking to good for stock harley either!!!
ha ha ha
Could be the compensator nut wasn't tightened enough or it was lacking the additional spacer needed to apply the proper clamping load when installed.

There is a spacer washer that may be needed here. [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]24033-70...spacer .090 thick[/FONT]
Glad you found the problem,if your like me at least you will sleep tonight!As glider said it sounds like it ran loose or the spacer was missing.