Replacment Handle Bars for Ultra Classic

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Checkernet1, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Checkernet1

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    I am new to Harley world. Have always ridden metric cruisers. I now own a 2010 Electrs Glide Ultera Classic with ABS brakes. I am tall with short arms and after short ride I get problems with my back. I would like to replace bars with some that are about 2" taller and have 2" more pull back.than stock bars. I cked. Harley site and they have set with 2" more pull back but show highth less than stock bars and no mention of required cables and hoses need to replace Has anyone seen a supplier that can supply bars and necessary replacment cables and hoses??
    Any help will be appreciated

  2. Mattman4403

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    Klock Werks has out what they call a set of Erog Bars that offer some options There are several options for long cables. you can look at Dennis Kirk or JP cycles for some ideas.
  3. glider

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    A set of heritage bars would do the trick if the fit with the fairing etc. Not quite sure.
  4. long rider

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    Batwing bikes need a wide mount.I just ordered some Paul Yaffe Monkey Bars.I have the same problem with pain in my shoulders,I went with 12" bars.I'll have to replace the clutch cable,redo the brake line and add a extension to the fly by wire throttle.The best(only) thing to do is(with owners ok)to park it on some scoots with bars you like and see what fits you.Once you buy a handlebar it's yours!
  5. texas tom

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    I had a similiar problem with my 07 egc riding was to the point it just wasnt fun,I went with 13.5" cyclesmiths bars,(eventually) now I can ride all day pain free,but the bars are above the fairing your hands are in the wind.Hill country cycles sells a kit with everything you need,you can check there website,also ergo bars look very promising and have some good pics for comparing different bars.I found the wiring was long enough if you reroute them around inside of fairing no need to extend them for 13.5" bars.You will need to extend the brake cables and clutch cables,I went +6" I would look at the different websites first,dont bother with the HD touring bars I tried them and they were no help waste of time.Good luck if the bike is not comfortable to ride its a waste of space and money! Tom..
  6. martillo

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    Ditto on the heritage bars had beach bars on a 04 road king custom swapped to the heritage bars and made for much better ride and ease of steering control.
  7. jkelley

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    575 bagger bars (wild ones) are great! Need a +4" clutch cable and a little patients for the internal wiring. Great modification.