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Replacing Your Hand Grips


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Hello sir, hope you r good you mention in 1 of ur post following
Using grip adhesive place enough inside the new grip to ensure that when you twist the new grip into position, the adhesive will reasonably cover the bar. You can spread a little glue on the bar as well. Don’t overdo it or you will have excess glue to clean up. Better to have not quite enough than too much, as all you want to do is make sure the grip is stuck well to the bar, and will not twist at all when you are rolling down the road
do you have a recommended product? how about 3M spray adhesive, perhaps gorills glue? I'm gonna tackle replacing on an 09 SG this weekend. TY for any guidance
I suggest the grip glue from the dealer for a couple of bucks... BUT, I don't think yours uses glue being an 09.
I installed Kury Iso Grips yesterday. Here are my observations:
1. Put a white towel on the ground while you do the throttle side. If a ferrule drops, it will be much easier to find.
2. Remove the air filter and loosen the throttle cable from the carb. This will allow much more slack in the cable and make installation a lot easier.
3. As stated, do the thottle side FIRST. Not only will you be able to match the pattern, but it's the harder of the two. You'll be fresh and the clutch side will seem like a breeze after your done with the throttle side.
Good luck and have fun! This is a good way to become friends with your bike. Anyone can pay for mods, but installing them yourself will give you a better sense of pride.
2007 ultra classic. I went to change out the stock hand grips and found the plastic throttle under the grip. I can't seem to fit the 1" over it. Any suggestions?
Some grips come with the throttle sleeve installed, others don't. If you need to remove the sleeve from a grip that is already off the bike, slide a small screwdriver between the sleeve and grip. Pour some rubbing alcohol in, then move the screwdriver to another area and repeat several times. The sleeve should slide right out. When the alcohol drys, the rubber will not be slippery.

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I have used WD40 in the past on Metric Bikes to loosen up the glue on the grips for removal. Works like a charm, not sure about the harley grips though.