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Replacing Voltage Regulators


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You find that your bike is having a hard time starting or your lights are dim. After checking things out you find that the regulator is dying or dead.

Here's a post on checking the charging system.

Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community

This regulator that does not pull a full load on the stator but only what it needs and "regulates" the voltage rather than dumping a full load to ground like the OEM regulators do.

Basically what this means to you is that the alternator is not putting out a full load all the time, only what's necessary to charge the battery and run the lights and engine. It means that your stator will last longer when not under a full load all the time.
Best of all is the TWO year warranty.

Here's a clip from their web page...

A more efficient approach to rectifying regulators.
To control voltage on Harley-Davidson alternators other rectifier regulators dump current to ground. This causes maximum stator current and temperature at all times. Cycle Electric rectifying regulators block current to control voltage. This reduces stator current resulting in lower temperature and less drag on the motor which means more efficient operation. The largest and most noticeable benefit is a smoother charge to the battery. This means less battery maintenance and longer battery life.

Here's their web page...