Replacing seat on a 94 sportster

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by tomson, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Looking to replace the seat on my 94 sportster,getting worn out after all these years. Any suggestions? Ride mostly around town no long hauls and under 180lbs.
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    Welcome Tomson to the HDTimeline forum...there are quite a number of members in Canada that will be able to help...but one way is to get it reupholstered locally, or use the Search tab typing in keywords to find recommended ones that will recover and re-pad with gel and closed cell foam. JMO, of course you can also buy new...LePera, Mustang and a whole host of others come to mind...
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    Hi Tomson
    On my old XL and my current FL I use Mustang. They use hard foam that settles in after some time to be very comfortable, and they have the best customer service imo:
    I have the RK 2-piece touring seat on my current bike, and the passenger pad used to interfer with the saddlebag lids (old type). I therefore lost a couple of the black studs and wrote to them to buy new ones. They immediately sent me a small bag full - free of charge (I was in Korea at the time, so shipping there cost them a fair bit)!
    In addition they are reasonably priced, so unless you want a leather seat (like Corbin) and your old is too worn, there is no question what I would choose...
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    I have taken 2 seats to the HD dealer in North Dakota. They have a guy who does excellent work. He cuts out the hard Harley foam to the shape you want and replaces it with memory foam. About $120 for a seat.
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    I have a solo seat and a two up bandlander off of a 2007 Dyna both like new in Ontario. I wonder if one will fit?
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