Replacing 1999 cam bearings and more

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    I have a 1999 FXDL . I bought it new and have put about 55,000 miles on it; it has the cam bearings subject to the five-year, 50K mile warranty extension.

    I have never had any problems, and have had the dealer do all of the scheduled maintenance.

    I have decided to keep this bike forever, so I don't mind spending a few bucks on it, since I'm saving thousands by not getting a new one. I am thinking of getting the PN 25284-08 and am wondering what else I can do while everything is taken apart. Does that part take care of the bearing problem? Was there any question about the cams themselves getting worn? From what little I have read, it souns like I might like some Andrews 26N new cams? I surely would like a few comments before I submit to the mercy of the dealer.
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    I would go the conversion cam rout rather than the hybrid cam plate. The Andres 26N cams will do well in your Dyna. Herko sells a complete kit as well as GMR Performance.

    GMR Performance | Monthly Specials


    Complete Andrews N conversion kit with everything you need to upgrade your early style chain drive cams. We have put this kit together with a few extra items. Torrington inner cam bearings, LMR bypass oil spring installed in cam plate. Andrews EZ install pushrods, new push rod covers to allow ease of pushrod adjustment, loctite, and torco assembly lube. One stop shopping with every item needed to complete your install at home.

    You will need to tell them this is for a '99 so they can send you the right sprocket.

    I suggest that you read this as well. Who knows you may decide to tackle this your self. Many of us have done this after reading TQ's great write up.

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

    If you do decide to do this yourself PM me and I will tell you where to get an inner cam bearing puller/installer for $90 shipped here in the US.
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    Yep my vote is to do the roller chain conversion. Follow TQ's engine build, very well documented.
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    I second Kemo's advice. TQ did a heck of a job documenting every step of the process. I used it myself when I did my conversion. I added the Andrews 26N cams and was not dissappointed. They come on at about 1800 RPM and are done by 4000. Lots of midrange power. Perfect in my '99 Ultra. Interestingly enough, I feel the same way about my Ultra; that is it will be the last "big" Harley that I buy and, like you, I don't mind putting some money into it. Like many others, I also changed out the inner bearings to the Torrington units. I added a TFI unit and a Big Sucker air cleaner. The bike alredy had a set of V&H on it. Good luck...
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    If budget oriented, a set of Sonnax(Torrinton) cam bearings, check/replace the chain shoes, and install the 26's. Done.
    BUT, if you want the creme' de la creme', then Wood Performance Carburetors - High Performance Harley Carbs and Cams offers a TRUE roller link(both sides of the cam plate) with a late style pump.
    If leaning in the direction of one of the 2 others mentioned, I'd steer clear of the AZ outfit.:shock