replacement wheel bearings 2010 ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by pjciii, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. pjciii

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    getting ready to put on new tires front and rear prior to sturgis. the ultra has 47xxx on her and i was thinking about going ahead and replacing wheel bearings at the same time, this time. Good idea, bad idea? is there a better brand than the OEM bearings, suggestions. she does have ABS if that makes a difference.
    thanks in advance
  2. 67wizard

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    I have over 50k on my 2010 and have not replaced the bearings.
    No noise and no side to side movement.
  3. pjciii

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    i dont have any problems either. is it one of thos "if it ain't broke" or just something that should be done at a certian mileage. i havent looked in my service manual. just shopping online for tires
  4. gusotto

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    Wheel bearing are suppose to last longer than in the "old" days but it seems the bikes with ABS are having a problem.

    Talked to a fellow the other day at the dealership that had a bad wheel bearing on his 2010 ABS bike.
    Had the extended warranty. What would have been $350 was only $50.
    Do a search. Seems ABS bikes are having a high rate of bearing problems.
  5. Breeze3at

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    We had a pretty good thread about wheel bearings a while back. Maybe a search will find it. It seems that the trusted bearing names Timkin and Torrington have been sold to off-shore producers (Kymco??). Here's two links for suppliers
    All Balls Individual Wheel Bearing - I.D. x O.D. x W (0.75x52x21) 20-1013-2RS or BKRider: Motorcycle Parts, Accessories, upgrades, discount motorcycle supplies, motorcycle equipment, custom motorcycle parts, Harley Davidson, motorcycle supplier
    With that many miles, I would change them out.
  6. doctor727

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    If they are sealed bearings, you probably wont need to replace them. Make sure the seal is not cut or torn. Check on the ABS issue, but I would not make the change yet. Just my .02
  7. pjciii

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Since wheels are going to be off I think I will go ahead and replace bearings. Seems of the OEM bearings the one for abs side is a little different. Going to also look at Timkin to see what they offer. Can't say that I have had any trouble with the OEM bearings, the whole oz of prevention. Been looking at tires. Anyone have a review on commander II? I was looking into night dragons. Loved them on my road king but I can get a heck of a deal on commanders. Actually have nothing but good to say about 407 and 408's. Have 20000+ on front and still more than 3/32 left but not by much and 16000+ on rear which I will keep when I put the new ones on.

    Just late night prattling. Again thanks for suggestions