Replacement radio


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I almost did not post as I thought this was a stupid question.

With all this talk about replacing speakers and antennas , I have considered replacing the radio on my 95 flhtc.

I have controls on my handgrips that allows me to change the channels and adjust the volume. I really like this feature, What happens with these controls if I change to a non Harley replacement radio? I have checked the internet and there was never any mention of external controls to adjust volume or change channels.
Do I have to go to a HD dealer for a replacement or can I buy an after market radio that will allow me to use my hand grip controls .
If anyone can recommend a web site, that would be appreciated.
Thanks for the info. I have it bookmarked. FYI - These guys are only a 2 hrs drive from me.. Tried to look them up in the yellow pages , but no luck. I guess they are not open to the public.

I checked their web site and did not find what I was looking for. I'll have to Email them.l