replacement parts for taillight relocation kit ?????

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jerryw618, May 17, 2010.

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    hello everyone , i need a part and the dealers say i need too buy the whole kit for $80.00. i have the taillight relocation kit installed and backed into a car in the driveway snapped the threaded end that the light assembly screws onto so i need the bar that goes across and the light attachs too . well as i said dealers want me too buy the whole kit 80.00 wont part out the kit and well im stuck i have inspection coming up nee d to get this fixed , i can make a temporary bracket with angle bracketds attached to my license plate , but i want that bar too fix it right . anyone ? any ideas , suggestions ??? thank you ride safe
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  2. glider

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    If you get a parts guy that knows what they are doing:25: They can usually break down most parts to order just one part of a kit. It's in their book if they aren't too lazy to look.

    I've done it at the local dealer.