Replace stock carb w/ S&S?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Beer Hound, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Beer Hound

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    If I replaced the stock carb on a 96 softail custom (80 inch evo 2) with a S&S carb which one should I use? Are there any side effects? Also the same question for a 93 Heritage softail classic. Both have drags with power cones. Thanks
  2. Gezzer Glide

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    I have an S&S type E on my '03 FLHT and love it. It is a carb that has been around for years and performs well. If you are running a stock motor I would stay with the stock carb. But if your motor is modified, which yours isn't, you might want to upgrade to an S&S type carb.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Ugly carb but very tuneable been tried and trued on many bikes
  4. dangerdan

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    Is this what your loking for ?

    S&S® Super E and G Shorty carburetors are designed for big twin and Harley-Davidson® Sportster® models as well as other American v-twin engines. They are butterfly type carburetors with fully adjustable idle mixture and changeable mid range and high speed jets. Both carburetors also feature an adjustable accelerator pump and variable enrichment/fast idle device for improved throttle response, engine starting and warm ups.
    The Super E has a 17⁄8" (47.6mm) bore and 19⁄16" (39.6mm) venturi. It is identified by an "E" cast into the throttle linkage side of the body below the letters "S&S SUPER". The Super E is recommended for use on any displacement big twin or Sportster.
    NOTE: Because S&S carburetors are significantly larger than OEM units, unmodified, small displacement engines such as 883 and ironhead Sportster models may experience sluggish low speed response when equipped with S&S carburetors. This can often be minimized with careful tuning.
    The Super G has a 21⁄16" (52.3mm) bore and 13⁄4" (44.5mm) venturi. It is identified by a "G" cast into the carb body. The Super G is recommended for use on modified engines of 74 cubic inches or more. While both carburetors
    can be made to work on most engines, the Super G is not recommended for small, low compression engines. If there is doubt as to which carburetor to use, S&S suggests the Super E.
  5. Crocker

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    Super E shorty good choice for your app. very easy to tune and maintain, quality carb, you will be happy. really no down side with these carbs unless you get in to head and big cam work then you would need to send out the carb to add a third circuit that would give you the ability to refine the tune ,but for your app. plug and play and enjoy.
  6. Beer Hound

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    The 96 had a vacuum petcock (now disabled) and I was told on another thread that the vacuum line going to the carb would mess up the timing if not connected. Does S&S make a special carb for that? Thanks for all the advice and quick replys!
  7. fin_676

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    Although i have no info on the s&s carbs so i cant help on that side
    But due to the weather conditions in my area i suffered from a lot of carb icing from jan - april caused by the density of moisture in the air and shape and size of the throat in the carb
    after a wee bit of research i found out that the mikuni hsr 42 would be a better solution for my bike so i bought and fitted one it came out of the box and bolted straight on and worked well and never given anything but good service it does have a vacuum take off for the voes
    that was on the 92 softail wife rides a 94 dyna and it started experiencing similar problems with icing during july and august last year (we did have a lot of rain) but in temperatures of 15c - 18c
    So i got a hold of a second hand hsr 42 got a rebuild kit rebuilt it and fitted it no more problems
    So perhaps it is a replacement carb to think about

  8. TQuentin1

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    An example of mis-information again. What the other poster may have been referring to is that the VOES that is on your original configuration needs to remain connected to the manifold to provide for SPARK advance/retard timing. The line from the manifold to the gas tank vacuum petcock should have been plugged if you replaced that petcock with a manual one. If plugged correctly, there will be no affect on the VOES operation.

    So, you do not NEED to replace the Keihin CV40 carb on your EVO unless you want to. But I would ask WHY you want to? The CV40 is a great little carb! Very easy to understand and work on. Do some research on here to understand that carb, and you will likely decide to stick with it.

  9. Beer Hound

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    That is what I did with the lines ( manifold to petcock plugged) I just wanted to know if anyone had went to an S&S and how it had worked for them. Sometimes I'll have a Bud who doesn't need a part, and will offer it to me and I didn't know if I should spend the time putting the part on or not. Thanks!
  10. Breeze3at

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    Unless you are going to do engine modifications that put you above 85 hp, you are not going to realize any benefits from the S&S carb. over your cv carb.
    If it's the look you want, they make adapters to mount the S&S cover to a Keihn.