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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by NiskyMan63, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Helli, I have a 2008 Nightster and the primary cover had some discoloring on it. when I tried to clean it it just made it much worse and now it has spread a lot and looks really bad. It is grey powder coating. is there a way I can paint it for now until I can afford to get it repowder coated or replace the promary cover? Also, is it worh replacing the cover myself? It is only about 1 hour of labor for the dealer.

    Thank you
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    Yes. The discolored spots must be taken down to bare metal, primed and then painted with an automotive type epoxy paint. We do this where I work to repair any paint defects in our units. It is not as durable as powder coat but will at least offer you some protection until you can have the part redone. However if the spots aren't too deep you can get by with lightly sanding the spots and using an automotive touch-up paint. It is important to roughen up the powdercoat to give any paint a surface to adhere to. Most powder coating is too slick as it is.