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  1. Ben1960

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    Hello people, next year i and my wife will make a trip treu the states, can somebody tell me where's a nice place to ride,and where i can rent a harley for a normal price?
    If you now something please let me now.
    Greetings Ben. The Netherlands.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Contact the Harley Owners Group... They will know the Ins and Outs.

    The rental $$ depending on Where you rent/how long. I have seen/talked to quite a few Holland/Dutch riders on different trips here in AZ this past year.

    You have to Plan the SEASONs correctly for the areas you ride IF you want comfort in temperatures.. Even though Hot in Az, cooling this time of year is Normal. High altitudes here range from sea-level (no sea here:D) to 8800 foot elevations. Many of our states are COLD and getting Colder Soon...

    More "Time" information is needed from you to get you off to the right trip/season YOU plan. Just Next year leaves a lot OPEN.:D

  3. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum. If you know your destination ahead of time you can check that areas dealers for rental prices, if you are a HOG member you may qualify for a discount, case in point when my bike was down for repairs I was able to rent a Dyna here in Jacksonville Florida from my local dealer for 75.00 a day with my Hog discount, I did not think that was too bad considering it was during Bike Week Good Luck and plan ahead:D
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    That must be a typical price at Adamecs when your bike is in their shop for repairs. You get a discount from them by just asking for it. You don't need to be a hog member. It hasn't happened to me but there are others who it has happened to. One friend took his bike in for tires and got the same price on a rental and he wasn't a hog member.
  5. lorne

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    if you look around...some of these rental bikes have been on a one way journey and need to be returned, so the return rental is at a cheaper rate.

    welcome to the forum and good luck with your trip
  6. cromedome

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    Have rented in Texas,Utah,Nevada, and Montana all great places and friendly folks, get HOG tour guide and pick a destination, and enjoy...
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    I have rented at Smokey Mountains HD in Pigeon Forge TN. Good prices and they do honor a HOG membership for discount. I would call ahead wherever you rent from to see what is available. Depending on location and events, the rental fleet can get depleted rather quickly. I am partial to the Smokey Mountains area just because it's really a beautiful area and there are lots of great places to ride. Good Luck!
  8. PetesPonies

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    I did a short rental once. rented a bike in Vegas and rode out to the Dam. What a wonderful stretch to ride a bike. I would definitely suggest that to anyone going to Vegas.