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Reno / Sparks Spring fling


Just wondering if anyone caught the spring fling in Ren / Sparks Nev. last year? Planning on heading that way early june just wondering if it's was worth catching? Tahoe area alone is worth it but just trying to figure out how much time to be in the area.
never been to the spring fling but can tell you from a lot of experience that Tahoe can be a bit nippy in early June including snow. So track your weather and pack warm if your headed that way.
Tahoe will be a gem for you to visit. Yes the weather can be weird here, but by June you will not need to worry about snow. There is lots of great mountain riding within a short distance of Reno. Hope you enjoy your visit.

first weekend in june a few years ago I woke up to 3 inches of snow that wasn't the first time of "summer snow" I have a house on Gardner mountain at the south end. so pack some warm gear isn't normal but definately possible and better safe than sorry.

Have a good ride and keep the rubber side down