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    2011 heritage classic trying to remove saddlebag mount lower but the bushing just spins and i am going to (EDIT) it up.I am just trying to get to the lower sissy bar fasteners and cannot get a wrench between there and the fender,whats the trick? Do the saddlebag mounting posts unscrewto remove the sissybar mount?

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    Can't answer for a 2011 model, but on my 08 Heritage Classic I had to sue a wrench and the appropriate socket on the lower support bar nut. The wrench helt the back nut while the socket was used to loosen it. came off fairly easy. Didn't realize at first that it had the lock-nut on back. I jsut figured it was a threaded mount but nope. Hope this helps.
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    I remove the saddle bags every time I wash the bike. Just use a socket and ratchet Don't tighten it real tight. If you do and it breaks its still under warranty.

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    The only way to get at those lower fasteners is to remove both brackets and pull the whol assembly off the fender. Unfortunately this is why you can't make a quick sissy bar release with the standard harley parts. The inside fender nuts are captured on brackets.