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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by LeeOtis, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Have a 2000 fxdl with warped right front rotor [dual disc]. Would like to remove the disc, caliper and brake line. Question: I know how to remove everything but the brake line from the fitting under the forks. Can the brake line be removed from the dual connector and a screw(?) installed? What would be involved in this undertaking as far as the right brake line removal on the existing set-up? Or would I need to buy new fittings to convert dual to single brake lines?
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    I think you would have to re think the whole operation it is simple enough to remove The calliper and disc however you should also replace the master cylinder to get the correct balance between pull and brake this would also require a new single brake line again matched to the single calliper use

  3. Safehaven

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    I know this isn't an answer to your question but if I would be in your spot I would try to replace the wrapped rotor as it isn't that expensive.

    You are amongst the lucky ones which has a bike that has 2 disks up front, stock. No need to sacrifice stopping distance.

    Take care,
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    I know this isn't an answer to your question either but I am wondering how it warped because if you got it so hot to warp it IMO I would leave 2 disk on for the stoping power.
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    Actually this is the second right side rotor to warp in the last two years. I switched to aftermarket kevlar pads and the problems began. Both sets of pads caused warping ob both right side rotors after about a week and I've been putting up with the slow-speed bounce for about a year and a half. Brakes still work at higher speeds but in stop and go traffic it gets aggravating. I'll consider changing out the disc again. I'm wondering if maybe one of the pads was a bit thicker than it needed to be. It ought to be worn down enough by now to not cause any more problems. I hope so anyway.
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    You might just disconnect the right line and plug the splitter fitting. Now you can check and see if the left brake is working properly. There is always a posibility that the left caliper is stuck or the left line is plugged some place. That would put the entire load of stopping on the right brake. In the wind.

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    In my opinion a big mistake,, but it's your ride so you decide. I would try replacing the quad seals in the caliper before coverting to a single rotor braking system. The pistons are probably just not relaxing like they should.

    By removing the right caliper & rotor,, the left rotor will now have to dissipate ALL the braking energy. That is probably just going to make the pads wear out faster and the "good" rotor will warp more easily. The energy has to go somewhere.
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    Like Fin mentioned in his post, the master cylinders for single disc and dual disc Harleys are a different size. 9/16" for single, 11/16" for dual. I think a dual master cyl. on a single disc. would be very sensitive, ie, easy lock up. I'd go with different pads and/or find out why one side seems to drag.
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    I'm getting some good advice here. I think the best fix would be to replace the warped rotor/rotor bolts, rebuild the right caliper and replace the brake fluid. The pads have a good bit of thickness left so I'm wondering if maybe the right caliper is sticking or not retracting just a bit so that the drag/heat build-up caused the warped rotor(s). I see no problem or issues with the left rotor/caliper.

    Since this is my first post at this site, would someone please direct me to a thread on reworking the calipers? I have a manual to go by but being able to read the experience of a person having actually performed the repairs is very valuable to me.

    If any contributors have any more suggestions or comments on my inquiry please post. I'm here to get as much help as possible. And I can definitely use all the help I can get. Thanking all in advance.
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    The self help area is all categorized, for brake repairs you look in the brake section etc.

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