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Removing GAS TANK on 2008 FXSTC???

the Wizard

Hey guys,

Gonna pick up a paint set for the new bike. Don't have the service manual yet. Is removing the gas tank a very difficult job? Is there a FAQ that covers it?

Thanks in advance....Ross
Not difficult, obviously fuel injected.

Remove the seat

Drain the tank, remove the crossover under the front if there is one, remove the front and rear bolts that hold the tank, disconnect the fuel line by pushing up on the connector where it comes out of the tank and it will separate like an air chuck, but first pull the fuse for the fuel pump and crank it a bit to release the fuel pressure in the line or you will get a bath.

Don't forget the wiring under the tank for any fuel gauges.

Clean/flush out the new tank before installing it.
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Ok thanks Glider...sounds like no special tools, or nothing impossible to I'll go ahead and order that paint set!