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Removing Clutch Hub 74 Shovel


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I have completely disassembled my clutch, the only thing left is the clutch hub, bearings and all retaining clips I can find are removed, except maybe the key. I've tried to pull it off using a puller, but I'm bending the clutch hub. It won't come off. I thought this just slipped off. 1974 HD Shovelhead (FXE Superglide).

I have determined that the clutch key is still on the spindle. It seems to be recessed about 3/8 of and inch and I've tried using a pick to loosen it, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Get a cluth hub puller if you are bending the hub you probably need to replace it also.
JP CYCLES..have all the tools and parts you need for that old 74 inch motor.You do not have to remove key first to remove clutch....