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    I am not in place to fork out hundreds of $$$ at the moment for new slip ons. I have a 09 EG Classic, I want to no first how to remove the baffles, secondly what are the pros and cons of removing them?? Thanks

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    Welcome JaKal to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. May I ask how long have you been riding your new machine. Part of the deal here is local and state laws are cracking down on the very subject you are talking about. True, the exhaust system has been modified for both EPA emissions and noise requirements and loses about 7-9 HP due to this. That said, you selected the machine for reasons that probably do not circle around that loss.

    If you choose to remove the baffles, the bikes' performance will actually DEGRADE, as the rest of the system fueling, pipe tuning, air intake are all balanced for that degree of back pressure, and the high pitched sounds as well as the low pitched ones we all know and enjoy. I woiuld opt with slip-ons and keep the old mufflers in the event laws change in your area. Trust me, it is coming...California Legislature just passed the law to enforce the noise portion of tampering with the exhaust holding the owner accountable...if the emissions portion passed, we would be in bi-annual inspections...not good.
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    JMO HERE ------ Personally I dont see any Pro's about removing the baffles at all ! Poor running issues due to lack of back pressure , obnoxious sound , the potential of having the LEO hassling you , citizens complaining about the noise and ( IF ) your state/county has inspections for exhaust you have to put them back in or recieve a violation for it!!!! But , your scoot - your dime. As far as taking them out you should be able to remove by taking out the set-screws after removing the chrome guards.
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    Check ebay for some used pipes, and Big City Thunder has some baffels that go in the header pipe to keep back pressure for a couple of hundred bucks, that and a set of take off pipes from ebay gets you where you want for a few dollars, and lets you keep the stock set up if its ever needed.
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    I'm pretty sure the baffles are welded into the stock mufflers. They can be drilled, but the results are not impressive. I kept my eye on Craigslist and Ebay, and got a pair of Rush slipons in excellent condition for $60.
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    Never liked the sound and performance, it can be done easy but not worth the effort IMO been there done that:s
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    Been there done it .. dont do it . save up if needed / ebay/
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    Too all who responded....I have been convinced that it is not a wise thing to do in removing baffles, thanks for the wise advice, I will work my (EDIT) off and save the cash and do it right......

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    You are pulling from a lot of experience. You made the correct decision. Doing it correctly once is always cheaper in the long run.